Principles of Art

Unity- This piece of art contains value because there is a lot of lightness and darkness that helps the artwork. The color of the people unifies them as a group because they are all shaded.
Contrast- This piece of artwork contains space and texture. The space help shows the contrast between the flower and the mountains. The flower is key in this artwork. This also has a lot of texture.
Repetition- This artwork contains color and shape. These colors are very bright and the shape helps the pattern or repetition by repeating it over and over.
Movement/Rhythm- This artwork contains space. The space helps the eye see and or focus the rhythm of the moving object.
Proportion- This piece of artwork contains value and shape. The shape helps this artwork have its proportion by helping it to fit together and make a whole.
Emphasis- This piece of artwork contains color to help emphasize it. The red dress and very light skin on the woman and baby catch your eye because of the dark middle-ground and fore-ground.
Balance- This piece of artwork contains shape. The different shapes in the same places balance this artwork out. If you cut it in half, it would be the same as the opposing sides.
Credits: All media
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