Amendment 1

By: Dereck Chen, Joshua Luo, and Stephanie Shih

Amendment 1 is about 4 important rights that are given to us and can not be violated. The rights given to us by amendment 1 are the right to worship any religion, to express ourselves, to assemble peacefully, and to petition our government. What our articles share is, the right to assemble peacefully.
The painting represents the right to assemble because in this painting, the people are being denied the right to assemble, at the event where the captain is regaining his freedom, by the people with weapons.
With the right to assemble (something good)come people who will try to deny the peoples' right to assemble. (something bad) In Dereck's article, the protestors (the students) are being denied the right to assemble by a professor.
In Stephanie's article, the good cause of it is that the people are fighting for the rights of immigrants. How they are going to catch the general eye of the public is by assembling together.
But also when assembling, there are cons of it. In Stephanie's article about the "Immigration Policy" while the people are protesting, they are creating even more traffic by blocking streets.
In Joshua's article, the bad part of the assembly is that the people are protesting for something that isn't necessarily good.
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