My mind

Blake Pingel: I wanted to have pieces that made me feel what its going on within my own mind. Could be anything from romance to anxieties.

I chose piece because it displays a complexity of romance with the different patterns. But, also depicts the simplicity of it all with just a kiss.
I chose this piece to help depict the scattered thoughts in my mind. These thoughts drive anxieties which was mentioned in the description
I love Grayson Perry. All his pieces depict social issues which i think is neat. I like the appearance of the wide angle camera lens he used.
Another grayson perry piece. there are a few in my gallery. I feel this one speaks as if one side the lady praying almost looks at the salesman as gospel. the other is covering her ears in horror.
This Piece for some reason just flat out gave me a sense of anxiety just by looking at it. Having that feeling arrive i knew i had to add it. Its just out there. the randomness of it to me.
after that last piece i wanted something that would relax me. I am not a religious man, but i do love painted ceilings, they put a calm over me. I like the three mirrored sections of the ceiling.
This is my favorite Van Gogh Piece. it depicts love to me. the small strokes of that create this magnificent scene. I love it.
another grayson perry piece. I love this one. the elements of brands depict that is what actually has killed the focal character.
I am a veteran. I love this piece because it pulls at the raw emotions veterans have towards imagining what they've seen. This piece by Otto Dix is perfect for that feeling. I had to add it.
I really have a hard time understanding whats going here but i can't stop looking at it. I feel it depicts the ability of the upper class to control the other social classes with taxes
This piece says to me that women are riding the backs of the cage fighter. the fighter does anything and everything and the women just take. i dont understand the borders around the females though.
Credits: All media
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