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My favorite artwork in my gallery is this. I have three dogs at home its my favorite animal in the world. Also the shnauzer is my favorite kind of dog. I really love the touches the artist gave to the plants and made them into a huge dog I think its awesome.
This image really grabs my attention because of the size of this art project made out of very detailed flowers and plants and how the artist makes people see the artwork and be amazed everyday.
I really believe that this is a really weird item but at the same time pretty atractive and for the person who is seing it thanks to the colors and textures it has.
The color and the texture of this painting really shows about the brush strokes and makes the view intruiging.
This image caught my attention thanks to the position of all the people. what I really do like is the pattern on the floor and that every people in one square I think that that really creates an illusion for the people seing it and that is what I love it.
I choose this Image because of one thing only and that is the creativity in it all the love represented as well. All the colors in this image have the color red wich is my favorite color and I fell that every person that sees this artwork would really fell special and great.
What would you think grabbed my attention? I think its an easy answer every dot and every line has a diffrent color. I really like to see fun and weird things and i think thats the way to describe this work.
I feel that this image has many meanings but i just dont know what they are. I like this artowk because it is really mysterius and intreging. The black and white, the sadness thats why I like it.
I believe that this artwork has very special meaning to it freedom, fantasy and many more. It really gives emotion and feeling to the building and the street.
I choose this artwork because my favorite animal in the sea is the octapus I really think its a very funny and weird creature I think thats why they put in the wall also the fishes give the artwork a fun and creative meaning.
Credits: All media
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