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A message can be sent in many forms.  Black and white to me seems to be the loudest.  The contrast is so basic but so diverse.  It can speak so loudly and so quietly.  Photography is a powerful medium.  You can say so much with a simple image or say nothing at all. "Taking and image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality really is." -Anonymous

Within the image you can see weakness as if she is turning her face from something. Or you can see strength as if she is looking down at something. The contrast is darker than the usual black and white but still powerful.
Another dark photograph of what seems to be a worried little boy. The image goes from very dark to a very white. His eyes being the vocal point and the message. The eyes say strength but his face says worry. Strong enough to make it through hard times.
These structures appear to be stone. I think that says a lot about what can be seen in this photograph. If everything was exactly the same all the time we would truly be stuck in stone. In reality we have a lot more freedom then most.
I see a girl reaching into a hole. Unsure if she is being suspicious or not. The contrast varies from back to white. There is grey areas. The lines and figures are bold and sharp, but still may be seen as inconsistent.
Its hard to tell if this is a women or a man applying lipstick. Either way it shows for the power of beauty. Today in society you have a "better" chance at everything if you are pretty. This image shows that to me. Someone applying there make up to step into society.
A person hiding their face from the camera? Or possible from something else. They appear to be sad or scared. If the image was in color it may possibly show excitement. The black and white of the photograph is what sends a different message.
Two younger children that appear to be homeless. Sitting on a stump. The little boy is carving into something as the little girl looks into the distance. The there is half of a man on the right side. Speaking for poverty. It doesn't just effect one it effects all.
A cactus shaped more like a flower. Beauty in disguise, a cactus in any form. Consistent black speckles to deter you from the possibility of being sharp or poisonous. Very basic simple photograph. What would this image show if it were not in black and white? Would it say more or less?
Very distinct lines yet still in no particular pattern. Each line follows its peddle. The peddles appear pointed, possibly sharp. The lines are thicker than what you would see on a leaf. Maybe they are to help draw your attention to the cactus.
It appears this image was taken from a hole. Possibly a well. No distinct lines, but the figures are trees. The sky is grey, the trees and the wall of the hole all black. This could communicate a series of things. To me it says the sky is the limit no matter how low you may be.
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