Art elements

Shape (organic)- this picture demonstrates the nature world of animals and in this case they are birds and an owl. Also, it has a 2-D area which means those animals look very realistic.
Hue- there is yellow in this picture but any kind of yellow. It's almost like a golden yellow. When you say the color of an object, you have to be specific so people know what kind of shade it is.
Intensity- this plate has a high- intensity. The reason is because it's pure which means the colors aren't mixed up all together and they are bright.
Line- you can see that this picture uses a lot of different qualities of line especially for the hair. You can see that they used thing and long lines for the hair.
Value- in this picture you can see that this picture has a very light surface. I think that reason is because the picture is old.
Texture (implied) - I think that this picture might have a smooth surface. I say this because not a lot of paint is used, and paint makes the picture almost rough.
Space (positive)- this picture doesn't have a lot of space. The reason is because there is a lot of color, so there isn't any place for anything else.
Credits: All media
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