The physical differences between Innocence and corruption

Here in this gallery you will find the physical differences been innocence and corruption. I view innocence as purity, vulnerability, and immaturity. I see corruption as maturity, sly, secretivity, and of age. 

I find the key component in this picture to be purity. The people are floating in the wind,they are"lighter than air,"for they are rejoicing in the birth of Venus.I envision innocence in this picture.
This picture shows me corruption. I see fighting, I see death, I see people falling from the sky. This is not pure but brutally ruined.
This girl looks innocent but we do not know her inside. By her white pale face shown for purity and her light pastel clothing she self consiously looks to the ground showing her innocence.
This picture shows me corruption.He is smoking a cigarette which shows that he was influenced and is no longer influence, and is also showing maturity.He looks like he knows the secrets of the street.
These two rabbits look as innocent as can be.They are young and cudling in to eachother. They look vulnerable to the world outdide. They aren't scared they just don't know what's coming.
This fox is as sly and corrupted as could be . It stalks it prey slowly, approaching the squirrel. Then he pounces on the squirrel tearing it apart. This fox knows the bad in the forest,he is the bad.
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