Role Of women

The role of women is a theme presented in both Freud's and Sophocole's writings even though they were from different ages. Each writer implements the women in his own specific way. Freud describes different topics related to women from sexuality to women's identity in the Victorian Age. As for Sophocole, he shows the role of women and the rise of a women's voice in an age where women had no opinion or role except for raising their children in the time of Ancient Greece.

Sophocole shows the power of Antigone who insisted on burying her brother despite her knowledge that she is disobeying her uncle "the king Creone". As for Freud, women have impacted him from the beginning of his life, from being raised with a mother who is a lot younger than his father (Freud x). This object implements the power of women from Queen Victoria taking the throne at the Coronation Oath. It shows how important she was from her position in standing.
This portrait "Home Dreams" reminds me of Freud's analysis of the dreams of women. Freud collected most of his theories from his interpretation of his patients which were mostly women (Freud 64).
Freud describes the process of psycho analysis from the unconscious mind which he gives a term the ID "the mental processes are in themselves unconscious" (Freud 25). The ID can be related to Sophocole in the character Antigone who runs after her desires, not what is forced upon her in the period she was living in.
This portrait relates to both books as it portrays the details both writers have toward women. Queen Elizabeth relates to Antigone in her need to express her desires, to show that she is a capable women who can do anything. It also relates to Freud's theories as Queen Elizabeth refused marriage in order for her to keep control of her country. Queen Elizabeth saw that marriage will cause her to be politically instable.
Having children and raising them is the role that is always connected to women. In Ancient Greece, the women had no standing except on following the men's orders. As for Freud, women were used to satisfy the men's sexual desires.
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