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Vanessa Gurrola

The India Gate, is a war memorial located astride the Rajpath
The tomb of Juna Muhammad Khilji, was the second ruler of the Khilji dynasty
"Presidential Residence" is the official home of the President of India
It is part of a group of monuments that include a Friday mosque and the "mehman khana" of Sikandar Lodhi, the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate.
It lies locked and in ruins it is still used to water the gardens within Firoz Shah Kolta complex.
Rajon ki Bain is a famous stepwell in Mehrauli Archaeological Park of Delhi, India.
The city draws pilgrims who bathe in the River Ganges’ sacred waters and perform funeral rites.
Hindu pilgrims for the city of Varanasi
A necklace of pearls, diamonds and emeralds that meant you had the best post independence.
It was the venue of the Delhi Durbar of 1877 when Queen Victoria was proclaimed the Empress of India.
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