Breaking the ice

Sally really shows her emotions in this painting
Different words describe different people and their ways of handly different things
Everybody or anything stands for something
Some people have alot on there mind which causes stress
I love the colours and the affect this painting is you. It catches my eye with the colours which make it look like it's coming out
Everyone describes themself differently mainly with words
Not everyone is complete
No one is a full package
This painting has chinese writing and a colourful background, thats why i like it.
Even the darkest person can make light appear
I like this picture because of all the colours.
This painting shows love and lonelyness
The windows are all different colours, which to me shows individuality
Not everyone is the same size, colour or shape
When i see this painting I see adventure and courage to explore
Some nights can be lonely
Joan's city landscape is very imotional and beleiving at the same time
When I look at this painting I feel like eyes are looking at me expecting something exciting to happen
This seat is like a checkerboard, people can change.
lonelyness has it's ways
I like this painting because it's simple but yet interesting.
This is somehow a self-portrait, obviously for someone that has a lot on their mind.
Credits: All media
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