War Never Changes

This gallery includes works of art that came during and after both World Wars; mostly in painting form. Gallery created by: Jack Flanders

Barbed wire covers the trenches and fields of 'No Man's Land' in the time during trench warfare of World War I. It's dark and gritty and shows the emotion during the war.
A large battle early into the War when the casualties skyrocketing. I chose this to show the battle scenes of the first War and how they changed into trench warfare later on.
Dead men on the battlefield. Many lives were lost in the Great War and it expresses the dark and depressing time it was during and after the first War.
Real remains of soldiers who died in Carso during the War. There's real history here and with it death and destruction.
Soldiers charged through the snow in the winter into 'No Man's Land' to flank the enemy trench and possibly overtake it. This never truly worked and almost all the men died doing so. War is hell.
Many men died and many were wounded. Gun shot wounds, disease, and the chemical warfare brought on from Mustard Gas and that of the source. So many people died during the first War.
A depiction of soldier during the war. A soldier who survived the trenches. One who lived to tell the tales of the horrors of war. Really shows the beauty of line work but really gives off the emotion
"When this war comes to an end, I will become a National-Socialist even more fanatic then before." - Adolf Hitler. The worst of the worst. The piece captures Hitler's determination ruthlessness.
Only the blind haven't seen the war, but they have definitely felt it. The horrors of the second war were almost if not worse than the one before it. War never changes.
Another survivor and veteran of another war that will never be forgotten. Captures the true innocence and bravery these men went through.
Credits: All media
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