Elements of Composition

These pieces were chosen in this gallery because of their clever uses of composition. They also have a very minimal art style with less colors than western style of arts are used to. 

The trees to the left along with the mountains and blank space on the left are very interesting.
Chopping this piece up into three sections using blues and browns gives it a nice division of elements.
Unlike the usual calligraphy piece, this is set up as an art test and has a lot of modern elements to it.
A lot like the previous art works, this is set up into three main colors but this one is town across diagonally. It is very appealing even though it is ripped.
The baby in the middle is outlined by the other surrounding colors as if it were trapped in flames.
This style with the trees on one side and mountains on the other has a very aesthetic feeling to it.
The repetitive idea along with the layout of blues and oranges is very interesting.
I really like the depth here. The greyed out background from pollution mixed with the modern statue is both meaningful and aesthetic.
It's almost as if the artist "zoomed in" to the characters in the scene and detailed them further. Very interesting.
Chopping this up into a light grey hexagon brings out the art piece here.
The same idea as the others with the mountains and the trees offset from eachother but this time, the purple hue is bringing out the interest.
Less interesting but the same idea. Chopping up the composition into three colors.
It's as if the baby here were trapped in an egg given these colors in contrast to the previous one. The lines of action surrounding him almost give it a scary effect.
Breaking away from the usual blue and brown, this piece has the same compositional effect.
Chopping up this piece makes it seem much more like a glacier but almost gives it the effect of a broken VHS tape at the top with the choice of color.
Credits: All media
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