Dierra's shape gallery

While observing this image i noticed nonobjective shapes because it shows shapes such as circles, rectangles in pure form thats created without reference to reality.
While observing this image I noticed high definition shapes,High definition shapes in the easal I can define bold and and hard lines in the legs of it.
While observing this photo I noticed low definition throughout the whole image there is really no bold or hard lines, basically the whole image fades making it low definition
In this image I found organic shapes because the image gives a natural feed and unpredictable energy throughout the flowers.
While observing this image i noticed abstract shapes because in reality this piece is a real woman but its transformed into an painting.
While observing this image I noticed it gives a specific subject , I say this because the image is a heart as an apple and the image is called love apple, Therefore its based on direct observation.
I observe many distinct organic shapes in this painting the complex cluster of small shapes in the bottom right show many unique curvelinear shapes. The red shape in the bottom right represents a large organic shape because it lacks sharp and straight edges.
This image shows curvilinear shapes the image has curvy and bold lines that shows the the definition of the element
I observed this image and noticed geometric and organic shapes due to the boxes on the painting the rug on the floor and a the ceiling shows these shapes.
While observing this image I noticed that it has rectilinear lines because I see angular lines and straight lines throughout the whole piece.
I observed this image and noticed positive and negative shape because the image in the center shows the positive in the image and the let space around the centered image shows negative because it is basically unused valuable space.
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