Renaissance Perspective

The four following pictures depict artwork that use one-point perspective to create an image on a flat surface that would show what we would see with our own eyes.Perspective Scenery, by Diego de Siloe, is a piece of art create during the Renaissance, a period of cultural rebirth from the 14th through the middle of the 17th centuries. It gives off a three dimensional effect while depicting architecture from the classical age. Like Perspective Scenery, The Ideal City, by Fra Carnevale, uses one-point perspective with a central perspective to create his artwork He too, had architecture based around the classical period and used spatial relationships to give a feeling of where an object is relative to another. Architectural Veduta, by Francesco di Giorgio Martini used one-point perspective just as the previous two artists have along with urban spatial organization to represent what a city would actually look like during the time. He also used Quattrocento techniques, inspired by cultural and artistic events of 15th century Italy, to create his work. The final work, St. Bernardino Preaching by Lorenzo di Pietro di Giovanni Vecchietta, is similar to the Ideal City by containing organic art, along with being similar to the rest by using one-point perspective. But a brighter palette of colors is also used and the background appears to be a lot closer than that of the other pictures.

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