The austrian expirience during ww1

This picture is a postcard made during World War 1. Postcards became popular to send to the newspaper and then some would be published. The photo shows soldiers playing cards in a military hospital.
This is a postcard featuring the soldier song "horseman's song" from 1798. These postcards became very popular and printed in the millions. Postcards could be photos or painting. The songs were popular to put on postcards.
Images from schools were posted to show everyone how well the war invalids were being taken care of. This photo shows a splint that they would use to write and pick up things. Photo by Dr. Splitzy in 1915.
This is a donation seal of the Official War Welfare Office. The drawing shows Emperor Karl 1 visiting Czernowitz in 1917. He was one of the few monarchs to often visit the fronts.
This is an announcement by the Graz waste recycling department of the Imperial-Royal Provincial Agriculture inspectorate. This poster motivated the collection of May Bugs so that there would be less of them to ruin crops and eat flowers.
A school student wrote a fictional essay called "how I attacked London by night in my Zeppelin. The photo shows these some what new inventions (Zeppelins) taking over and attacking London. The Zeppelins seem to be able to catch everything on fire with heat rays..
This photo depicts life in the trenches for soldiers. The soldiers sleep under sketchy and unstable bunks. The soldiers are doing their best to relax between attacks. They are in trenches of mud and wood.
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