Societal Corruption of innocence

Innocence is always corrupted by adulthood. "The Cather in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger is a perfect example of a teen avoiding adulthood and not wanting to become corrupted. Our society could use some innocence with all he crimes happening now. If more adults stayed innocent, the world might be a happier place. 

This portrait portrays the corruption of innocence. It shows that the man has lost his innocence because of his age and maturity. Similar to Holden, he wishes he could keep his innocence but knows that he has already become corrupt.
This portrait displays corruption of innocence by the baby surrounded by corrupted adults. The baby is innocent for now, but they adults know that he will eventually become corrupted and lose the innocence the adults desire.
This photo portrays a young girl getting her fortune told. Her fortune predicts the future; when she will be an adult. She doesn't want to grow up but she wants to keep her innocence and childhood because she is nervous for adulthood. This is relevant in today's society because kids graduating high school and college can be nervous for their future adult responsibilities and duties and want to keep their innocence.
This picture shows a little girl holding onto her mother. The young girl is innocent and the mother is protecting her child and telling her it will be okay. This is crucial for adults to do: tell their children that adulthood will be alright. Without that comfort, the children could get scared for their future and avoid adulthood corruption.
This a portrait of a scream. Scream is what you do it your are scared, nervous or stressed. People can be scared or nervous for many reasons, one being the corruption of innocence. This can frighten people especially teenagers and people in their early twenties. Innocence corruption can be a frightening thing, but sooner or later everyone must face it.
This painting portrays children riding bikes. Bike riding is usually an innocent thing to do. Most people ride their bike a lot while they are a kid and gradually lose their desire to ride while they grow up. This is similar to innocence. As people grow up they lose their innocence similar to losing their desire to ride a bike.
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