Cruelty & Hope

Cruelty is displayed in this photo and is related to Night by the fact that in the photo the innocent child and mother are clearly about to be killed by a soldier. The picture dates back to WWII and is an accurate description of how the Germans treated the Jews. They would line them up, mother, child, anyone, and just kill them without remorse. It is an extremely disturbing part of war but the sad truth is that this went on all over Europe during WWII.
The younger boy in this photo looks like he is being watched by an older man who I interpreted as his father. The man is behind bars while his son is doing schoolwork, the father does not want his son to end up like he did. The father has hope for his son's future just like Elie's father had for him. (The photo title is "Time for Conversation, implementing that the father is going to have a conversation with his son about how he should take the same path that he did.)
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