The Nude

The Nude is a very sensitive subject and theme. Viewers either enjoy the nude painting or dislike it heavily. Some nude paintings set a standard for beauty, so when other paintings try to compare, make fun of, or copy viewers will criticize. This exhibition looks at different standards of beauty in the nude, how the artists captured it differently, and modern takes on the nude.

Most Roman sculptures were copies of original Greek bronze sculptures. The Greek Gods or Heroes were the most powerful and most beautiful people. These sculptures were made to capture their beauty.
At the time, this oil painting was considered the standard beauty. This painting might have been controversial to some, but the artist captured the nude in such a beautiful way that the viewers enjoy.
This nude could be controversial because the woman is sitting nude in the open. This painting is very old, yet not older that Venus of Urbino. Compared to Venus of Urbino, this painting may not fit the standard of beauty as Manet did.
This nude painting was very controversial compared to Venus of Urbino. This painting could have been associated with prostitution which is why many people did not like it. It is important to see nude paintings in which were looked up to and frowned upon.
This nude painting was also disliked by many. Because the woman is sitting in the open without clothes, viewers do not see the beauty and naturalism of being nude.
This painting reminds me of Olympia by Manet because the choker around her neck resembles the woman's in Olympia. Their poses are also similar, which leads me to believe that Glackens could have tried to base his nude off of Manet's.
The viewer can tell that the era of this nude painting is becoming more modern. The bright colors of the woman and her surroundings catch the viewers eye. As modern nudes become more popular, the viewers that enjoy Venus of Urbino are not fans of this type of nude.
This nude painting is also a more modern nude. The colors are very neutral so the painting seems more relaxed as the title is "Reclining Nude". Also, the lines are very clean and leave no mess; this painting could be easy to enjoy.
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