My Gallery is all based on ocean and sea. The gallery is filled with glorious, meaningful artworks of ocean all around the World. Each Individual artwork tells a different story about the ocean; some of the artworks are over powering with the sky's reflection on the crashing waves in the ocean where as some of the other artworks are a representation of peace with the water very calm. The colours used in majority of the artworks I have chosen are unique colours. The colours are blended with all different shades of blue and grey's and colours based depending  what the mood or idea of the artwork is. These artworks are created in all different stages of time, most of these artworks in my gallery are more modern than others. The more modern day artworks are quiet clean looking with a sharp simple look where as on the other hand the artworks which are more old are built with many colours and is quite messy looking and very meaningful. My Gallery filled with sensational artworks ocean based would catch the eye of anyone looking for an artwork of ocean as it is filled with a variety of choices on what type of ocean artwork you would prefer with different colour choices and looks.                                                                                                                                                                                                             LUCY FORTUNA 8.1 ART

The Subjective artwork in my gallery is Sea and Rain (1865) This artwork is subjective as you can see a person printed on the artwork which tells the audience that the sea and rain is from a persons point of view.
The post modern artwork in my gallery is 'Picnic On The Ocean' (2002) This artwork is post modern due to the fact that is what most of today's artworks would be seen as. It has a sharp, edge look to it as well as its clean manner which makes it a post modern artwork.
The Structural artwork in my gallery is 'We are in the sea storm of the Indian ocean' (2003)This artwork is structural by its bright bursting colours which caught my attention to chose is under Structural. The artwork is people in a boat with crashing waves shaking the boat.
The Cultural artwork in my gallery is 'Time, Memory and Existence; (2010) This artwork is cultural as it is set in a time and place by which is why the artwork was created. It has two chairs placed just on a low tie on a beach which symbolises the memory on that particular beach.
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