The 4 truths about humanity

Humans have done some horrible things in history and this is shown in the book Night. This is demonstrated by my 4 truths about humanity revolving around Hope, Faith, Respect, and Violence. People in the holocaust were treated horribly and all they had was hope, faith, and respect. Sometimes faith was the path to hope for the future. On the other hand the Germans had violence. They used this to threaten their prisoners and destroy their hope. They did not care, they only wanted power.

This picture shows a richer man sharing his cloak with someone who does not have, or cannot afford a nice cloak. Giving hope to the poor and less fortunate in his society.
The hope Outdoor Gallery, as the name suggest, shows all the best things about "Austin's street art culture". It gives hope to many who have been lost to their surroundings.
This picture is showing the lack of respect humans can have for the bodies of strangers they don't know. The red coats think they are more important then to give the bodies a proper funeral. It is easier to just leave them.
This Picture shows fighting between lots of people. To say the least they are disrespecting each other over some type of argument. The are killing and destroying everything around them.
This picture shows a priest praying to God. He is probably with other people who are listening and bringing hope to anyone who listens. Hope always come easier if you have faith in God.
This picture shows at least 6 people praying to god. God is a part of their everyday lives and give will always give them hope in ANY situation.
This picture shows the Taskmaster beating the Israels because the Taskmaster thinks he is better. This Israels are slaves to them and they don't matter (useless and expendable).
This picture is showing a man being beaten by a group of people. They could be doing this to prove a point or get a message across to the other people. Out of the ways to prove the point they decide to use violence to show power.
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