Love and Music

In this gallery I include images which showcase music and movement in images. Also each image captures the joy and love you can feel when listening to music. There are images from different social classes and time periods to show regardless of what your background is music has the power to move you.

Czardas dancers portrays movement through the rhythm of the repeated dancers. You can tell they are different women, but at first glance you can see it as one woman doing the complete dance
This terracotta dated to 1300 BC uses the curved lines to portray movement as well. You can picture, this being a part of a ritual, the clapping, singing, and cheering that was made by onlookers.
You can see the happiness of the face of the man and his wife. Even though they are both peasants which is shown by the clothes and broken shoe, they can still show the joy they feel in hearing music.
Here is an example of a wealthier class enjoying music. You can see the girls outside listening in wanting to be a part of the fun. You can also so the merry expressions of all the dancers.
The serene expression of the woman whose face you can clearly see shows the feeling of the music. Also movement and rhythm of the dancers all melted into one expresses the sway of dancing.
The contrast in this image clearly shows the dancers' movement. You see the movement of her hair and even her body as she moves from side to side.
This is my favorite piece by far. The colors used draws the attention of the eye. The lines are used to faintly make out two dancers.