Elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.   - Garrett Marlowe

Line- This work uses lines throughout and there seems to be a tendency for them to turn at 30 degree angles. They are used in a constant pattern to create the work.
Shape: This work uses shape to draw attention to the focus of attention, the man standing in the picture. There was a triangle used to create his shirt underneath his coat.
Form- This work uses circles, rectangles and other shapes to form geometric figures that encompass this work.
Value- This work displays value mostly inside the bottle. The polar bear has a particularly low value while the coke has a high value. This is used to transition the visible part of the bear to the invisible part.
Texture- This work show value through its use of form to create a 3-D appearance of books. These books contain the pages that create the texture.
Color- This work uses lots of red, a bit of purple, and a small amount of yellow. The Red and the purple blend to create darker colors within the work. The red is very light and almost looks pink.
Space- This work uses space to create the foreground and the background. The foreground occupies space but the lake and the background occupy negative space.
Credits: All media
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