The Perspective of life through Organic and Substantial lines

This gallery is comprised of pictures of buildings and of landscapes, showing how important it is to keep in mind height as well as depth of a subject.

I really enjoy how this picture is made with everything disappearing into the horizon, getting smaller as it gets closer to the center.
This picture gives a good example how everything in the foreground is bigger like it's close to you, but also how small people are on a large building in the distance reaching for the sky.
This picture shows how long the hallway is by making the columns closet to you very large, and the people in the distance very small.
This picture gives a good example of perspective by keeping in mind how everything works together, between buildings, boats, people and animals.
This is a good example of how a photographer must keep perspective in mind when shooting a subject. If the camera is not focused correctly, the subject will be fuzzy.
Here is a good example of how large a building can be by looking at it from a different angle, than how it is normally perceived.
This painting shows how useful perspective is when painting a landscape such as a mountain.
Here is another example of a bird's eye view.
Here is an excellent example of a bird's eye view.
This is a worm's eye view in perspective.
This picture shows how the artist uses perspective when painting a street. Without proper perspective techniques, the street would look off, and the people would look out of place.
I really enjoy this picture, because it shows how a well thought out shoot can turn out to be a very good photo, showing off different techniques, including perspective.
Here is a good example of a worm's eye view.
Another example of a worm's eye view, but from a slightly different angle.
I really enjoy how this photo focuses on the kid in the center. Using perspective also shows how high up and how small the child is, in comparison to the surrounding city.
This piece of artwork shows how important perspective can be when creating a scene. The picture itself is not deep, but the effect of perspective makes it appear to go on forever.
Despite the singular color, this picture shows how perspective is useful when depicting things such as buildings versus mountains.
This is a great example of how perspective can be used in multiple ways. Having multiple perspectives of things can result in unique artwork.
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