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Here at Press-tige Publishing, we consider our self a "Jack-of-all-trades" type of publishing company.  We do not like to focus solely on one type of book to publish; rather, we like to broaden our horizons and publish books from various genres and countless authors to give our readers a significantly diverse selection when choosing a book.  We stress the importance of genre diversity so that our readers can expand their literary knowledge and be able to draw strong connections between books that are vastly different.  Whether it is having a general knowledge of diverse topics, or having a diverse stock portfolio to ensure an economic profit, diversity is extremely important in everything.  Literature should be no different.  So if you are looking to expand your horizons and read something new, you have come to the right place.

RED HARVEST In a world where you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, get ready to keep everyone as close as possible. Join the Continental Op as he is called in to the seemingly harmless town of Personville. But just like everything that has a positive name, the city is not what it seems. Get ready as things take a turn for the worse as his informants and law officials that he meets in the city start turning up murdered. Adventure along with the Op as he uses his master detective skills to uncover the dark truths that plague this town with such a pleasant name; and discover why it is really known as Poisonville. Be prepared to use your own detective skills as you try to piece the clues together and solve the mystery before the Op can. Buckle up as the Op takes you for a turn and battles the Power hungry, money driven individuals in society to bring justice back to the city. What the Op does not realize, is the closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous the journey is. Thrilling and and mind-bending, Red Harvest will have you paranoid over who you can trust, and you have to keep an extra eye on. "Red Harvest is a riveting thriller that will have you reading it over and over again to pick up on all the details to try and solve a mystery." TEMPLE TIMES "You know a book is written well when it could be adapted easily into a movie. Red Harvest is one of those books that would make the perfect movie!" ROGER EBERT "The Op's character represents all the greatness and excellence in not only law enforcement but also human nature." TEMPLE GAZETTE
SNOW CRASH Be prepared as this novel of the past takes you into the ideas of the future. Watch as this novel with ideas ahead of its time makes you question whether Stephenson traveled back from the future with this book. Travel with Hiro, as he crosses over from the real world into the virtual reality of the Metaverse. Here, anything is possible as the infinite world around him is controlled by not only himself, but the thousands of other people that let go of reality and entered this reality of the future. Follow Hiro as he comes across the mysterious "Snow Crash" in the Metaverse and uses his expert computer, fighting, detective, and all the other skills you wish you had in real life but can have in the Metaverse, to dig deeper and solve the mystery of it. Embark on his adventure as he comes across the realization of anarchist type of society that is present in the Metaverse; and as he comes to the realization of what his path in life means. "Snow Crash is everything we hope the future to be and more. Stephenson's imagery in the Metaverse is rival to none!" PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS "Hiro Protagonist is the type of character you can imagine yourself as, which helps identify with the character and makes the read that much better!" NEW YORK TIMES "The Gargoyles are perfect representation of what present day society could turn into if we are not careful. Powerful message!" ED PUODZIUNAS
UTOPIA Everyone has a dream of what their perfect world is like. Some are full of peace, while others are full of riches and fancy things for everyone. Whether it was portrayed in novels or in movies, the perfect world, or utopia, had the best to offer for everyone. Follow Thomas More as he takes you through what a utopia would be in the eyes of a 16th century citizen. Surprisingly, there are more similarities between his utopia and a utopia of today's mind than one would think. However it is not all sunshine and rainbows, as some of the most acceptable things to do in More's utopia are things that are tremendously frowned upon in society, especially in religious sense. Things that include divorce, euthanasia, and religious priests being married. Follow along as More portray's the idea of a "typical" utopia where everyone is guided by luxury and the finer things in life. Utopia is a perfect example of how a seemingly perfect place can be full of these "imperfect" ideas that are used to kept everything in line. "Perfect representation of how things may seem perfect on the outside, but are flawed in their core." PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER "Whiles the idea of a utopia for most would be a nice day, having fancy clothes, and having countless possessions, More shows that there is much more to a utopia than just that." ED PUODZIUNAS "One of the best reads in ages. A great underlying message about how the current way of life is not always the best." TEMPLE NEWS
YELLOW BIRDS The Iraq War; one of the longest and most fatal wars for America. Here, we have faced the most casualties in a war since World War 1. Follow Bartle as he deals with the aftermath of his tour in Iraq, while also going through flashback to recall the events that have tragically stuck with him after the war. When in the States, Bartle shows how war affects someone coming home and how tough it can be to adjust living as a civilian. From doing normal tasks to coping with PTSD, readjusting to civilian life is almost as tough of battle as the actual war was. Then, follow him through Iraqi cities as he tries to survive war with his newly acquired friend Murph, as two young men are thrown into the depths of hell on the front line. Kevin Powers dives into his own experiences at war as he touches on important topics; such as, dealing with the aftermath of war, how helpless soldiers are during wartime, and how the soldiers on the frontlines are just like puppets with no real control over themselves. One of the most emotionally draining war stories, Yellow Birds will have you rethinking your stance on war. "Incredible story of how war changes a young man and how life or death decisions made over seas can change who you are as a person forever." WALL STREET JOURNAL "Kevin Powers uses his own experience in war to develop one of most impactful war stories in recent memory. Yellow Birds shows how war can create bonds between soldiers, and how quickly those bonds can be destroyed." PRIVATE JAMES FRANCIS RYAN "Bartle represents some of the best in soldiers as they do their best to keep their friends safe on the battlefield. Unfortunately, he also represents some of the difficult choices and sacrifices soldiers need to make on the spot." CAPTAIN JOHN H. MILLER
WORKING Follow Studs Terkel as he travels across America finding the unsung heroes who makes the country run day-in and day-out. While there are plenty of people lining up to interview celebrities, athletes, and politicians, Terkel goes above and beyond to find the everyday worker who is the true backbone of american society. From maids, to bounty hunters, to prostitutes and more, be prepared for a variety of informative and sometimes shocking stories from people much like yourself. Working, provides an in depth look at all the different jobs that do not get the public glory, but are some of the most important jobs out there. You will learn all about both the glory and the struggles of these demanding jobs and how each person has a different, but mostly positive, perspective about their job. If you ever feel like the job you do does not matter, Terkel's Working will show you that even the smallest job matters, and there is always someone there who enjoys doing that job. Deeply informative and intriguing, you will find hundreds of different jobs and stories while no two are alike. "Terkel had a story about someone who works the same job as me. It was refreshing to see someone have a similar positive outlook on this job just as I have. It is great to see light being shone on the positives of our industry." JERRY SMITH, CONSTRUCTION WORKER "Fascinating to get a look in how at least one bounty hunter goes about his job and what his job entails. Books like these give vast amounts of informative information while providing interesting topics to keep all readers interested." ED PUODZIUNAS "Getting the inside look at some jobs that are not around any more, or not as popular, from a person who worked that job is incredible. A must read book. Cannot wait for his second one to come out with more interviews and different jobs!" TEMPLE TIMES
THE MOST HUMAN HUMAN Humanity is something that a lot of people take for granted and even lose. When hearing this, most people ask the question, "How can humans lose their humanity?" Follow Brian Christian as he shows just how people lose their humanity. With the technological advances of recent years, we are starting to be able to develop robots that act and even think like humans do. Humans are building robots that are so advanced, when presented with a test to see if a transcript was a human or robot, some people could not tell the human from the robot. This is only some of the evidence that Christian delivers as he shows how humanity is slowly drifting away from humans and towards robots. This narrative could not be more appropriate for people in today's modern day because of the importance that technology has in everyone's lives. The Most Human Human gives some food for thought on robots being able to think for themselves and even acting like humans. You will think twice about whether or not this advancement of robots is a good thing for humanity; and if this advancement continues, who knows, in ten or twenty years, will humanity even recognize itself? "Great insight on how the dependency in technology could keep progressing and cause an AI that is smarter than all humanity. It is rather concerning to think about!" NEW YORK TIMES "I knew our technology was progressing; however, I did not imagine how advanced computers were becoming in replicating human speech and thoughts. Very awesome to see how far we have come in developing technology." ED PUODZIUNAS "Loved how Christian displayed the advancement in AI and how close it is becoming to acting and thinking like a human. This is exciting to think about if you are a robot!" DEFINITELY NOT A ROBOT
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