THe FLow of Colors

By Diana Rodriguez-Pabon

This particular artwork has cool colors because of the water. I really like the way the artist blended in the water with the sky it was nicely detailed perfectly balance. You can see that there're's sortof a boat or a wave in the middle of the picture which makes you want to focus on that particular object.
Starry night is one of my favorite paintings of all time. The colors arch is so beautiful you can honestly see that there is an impressionism in here. The colors are blue and green and yellow, you can see that he used cool colors and a little bit of warm colors. This picture is more focused on the stars in the sky. It was nicely done and beautifully detailed.
I picked this painting because it's abstract and it's beautiful and the colors arch is amazing. I like how the background is sort of dark and then do you object in the middle and has light and dark colors mixed into it. You look at this painting and your life what is he trying to say. But when you look at the art itself and the painting you see that some of the colors in here tells you exactly what is the painting trying to say.
I like this particular artwork because it's never mind me of a stained glass artwork and that mostly happened back in the medieval ages. Which I was always fascinated by how stain glass always had colors popping out. Artists knew what they were doing and it was just amazing. There are cool colors in here and you have color is that go perfectly with no cool colors in the background. In every painting that you have a dark background you have to have a lighter tone in whatever object that you're putting in your artwork.
This particular painting is also one of my favorites because you're basically grabbing shapes and creating a landscape out of those shapes and also these colors that they use are mostly cool colors except for that white color but it's still beautifully done because it makes sense why you would make it white. It's kind like the paintings that certain Artist do of Athens with the background blue and then the city of Athens white. What you can see it makes a whole lot more sense.
This painting was one of my favorite painting. I can honestly say I that out of all the paintings in this was my favorite. The colors are just amazing I love that there are warm colors and top and then they're cool colors in the bottom. I feel like this would be one of the painting that would stand out more in a gallery. Because of the warm colors in the top and cool colors in the bottom, I feel like those colors are just fighting with each other. But you can see how this particular artist blended really well those colors together and it was just amazing.
I really like this painting the highs of the colors at her basically surrounding Jesus. You can see multiple colors in this particular painting and it makes us painting send out to the world because it is one of the Best paintings I've seen so far because it is nicely detailed for painting that is done by paint. And not a lot of paintings are as detailed as this one. I like the fact that there are people in here that are in didn't different colors just so they can make that specific peace that supposed to make the painting stand out. The specific peace is Jesus everybody's all men rise by him so they had to use these different colors and then use a lighter color in the background behind Jesus just so you can stand out.
I really am fond of this painting that is done by Alfonso Chierici because he is such a talented artist and this painting reminded me of the Greeks and Romans. I really loved how he used warm colors in this painting just to make this painting looks more realistic and it works because it is a well-known painting. The artist new what he was doing and rock this painting to life. I love anything that has to do with mythology and it kind of reminded me of Roman gods and Greek gods. I believe you did a great job just because of the colors used especially the color thats shining on that one person who's speaking.
This painting caught my eyes because the colors in here mysterious enemy you wonder why did the artist to use these colors. I can say he use them because physically sending a message about food and the message is there are many different colors on food. Which I'm astonished that he used different colors for some of the fruits in here. I'm surprising use purple for grapes. You can honestly see it why he chose to because you already had a darker tone in the background you decided to go for a lighter tone for the objects. But the artist made this painting looks so mysterious because of the color he chose to use in this artwork.
This artwork is also one of my favorites because again just like the John the Baptist painting, we are again focused on the baby. And I feel like the reason why we're so focused on the baby is probably because of the colors that surrounds the baby. The mother is painted again with team dress and blue. Which the artist is trying to make this woman pop out with these colors. Which is probably the reason why we're so focused on the woman the baby everything else has a darker tone to it with the colors surrounding the mother and baby. But you can clearly see that were focused on only the mother and baby because of the colors that are surrounding them.
This Madonna paining is one of my favorites because the colors of the use here are so dark and cool in the background but then the artist painted Madonna was such a bright color like pink and it was nicely detailed. And you can clearly see this is like a classical painting because we're focusing on John the Baptist in this painting. John the Baptist is such a bright color because we are focusing on John the Baptist and that is what the artists wanted us to see in this picture. So I'm guessing for some reason he chose this color because he wanted us to focus on John the Baptist and then focused on his mother.
I really like this painting because of the cool collars that are in this nicely done painting. This remind me of the classical paintings that were done back in the middle ages. It's very traditional and someway and sort of religious, but it really works. The colors are so soothing and smooth. Looking at this artwork calm you down for some reason. And I think it's probably because of look cool colors that surrounded and some warm colors.
I find this painting to be very interesting because the full of colors that is in this particular painting is that it has a mixture of cool colors colors and the warm colors. But because of the colors that the artist is trying to use it's sends a message to the viewers. And because of the choice of colors that the artist decided to use it sends a dark message. It is such a beautiful painting not only because of the colors but because of the message that is sending.
I find poppy dance such a wonderful painting because it looks like a painting that's been done with crayons but it's not I believe that it's more charcoal. The colors that were used in here we're so beautiful I found it very beautiful in its own way. The yellow is so soothing, you can see the yellow in there and mixing with the purple it creates brown. Which is the color of the person's face. And then the blue and the white is so nice it's trying to make viewers see how this person pops out. It was nicely detailed especially with the flow of the colors that were used in this painting.
This abstract painting is such a remarkable painting. It's nicely detailed it's dark and I love how that one point of the picture the colors speak into light up the artwork. This artist new he was doing I knew what we wanted to focus on and it was that particular object that lights up in the painting. He use the right colors in this painting. Which makes you wonder how he was feeling when he decided to put these dark colors and then right colors that pop out the abstract inside this abstract painting.
This particular penny I like because the artist used many different colors in his flowers and it's not that bad. It kind of makes you wonder what you're seeing in this picture. You think it was flowers because of the outline of it. But it's actually urban trees which is the name of the artwork. I didn't see it until I looked hard and it comes out perfectly.
This particular stain glass artwork is so amazing I was reminded again of the medieval ages and it's hard to tell what it really is but if you keep looking at it the painting you realize that there's a person in there. In the colors here are just different colors and any other type of stain glass art work here you have warm colors and cool colors all the colors in a color wheel. Which is good because you don't see that a lot these days.
I really like this painting because of the colors that make this painting seeing like a stained glass work but it's not you can clearly see that it's paint. I love the cool colors in this picture, you have some warm colors and some dark colors but the majority of that is cool colors. You can clearly see that it's's beautifully done and the flow of the color Blue it's so beautiful it makes you wonder what is this picture trying to say.
I was intrigued by this painting because the artist use cool colors in this particular painting. The totems are cool colors which I was surprised because totems are usually like brown but the artist went completely different than what you'd expect this picture to look like. I believe that the colors are nicely done, it's beautifully detailed even with the colors and you can honestly see that the colors that she used in here were amazing.
This is another abstract painting. This abstract painting is so different from all the other paintings because it's focused on having certain types of colors which is black, white, and gray which I can honestly see why he chose those types of colors and brings out the painting more and It makes it more of an abstract then a pop art. Because I feel with a black line she was trying to go for a pop art but it didn't go that way but he chose to stick with the abstract and I feel like the abstract is so much better than what he was trying to go for. This artist is a great job loves color scheme it was amazing and I hope their are more like this.
I really like this graphic painting because of the pink that is surrounding this woman. It is almost like she's in peace. And I think because of this nice soothing color pink you tend to think she's in peace because that's what usually happens when you're looking at the color pink. And then the tone of her body is so beautiful. She really got her tone. The skin tone is perfect. I feel like the pink brings out her skin complexion it was nicely done and I'm amazed it.
The birth of Venus is one of my favorite because Venus is such an attractive woman and goddess. And you know you had to go with all neutral colors to making this painting stand out. You can clearly see that this particular painting symbolizes something and it's also telling you the story and in this story is the birth of Venus. Which artist did a great job in choosing these colors for his final product.
I found this one is really interesting because you never expect artist to would be in this graphic about the character sex life. And he uses different types of colors to make this painting stand out out of all of the other paintings. He used triad colors like blue,red, and yellow. Which was very interesting. He had a little bit of other colors. But I feel like the main colors were blue, red, and yellow.
This was a really lovely painting because you can clearly see that the artist was using warm colors. And he was using colors like red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, and yellow. Those were the warm colors he was going for. Now you can clearly see he has little bit of dark green mixed with black just so you can capture the object and it can pop out more.
This particular painting from Van Gogh was was just amazing because of the warm colors he had in landscape and he only had one cool color which was the sky. I never really seen the sky that blue but I would want to see it one day. I feel like van Gogh did the warm colors in the bottom because he wanted the objects to come out more. Van Gogh was known for particular type of paintings.
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