Colors of nature

In this gallery I have chosen to incorporate images depicting the serine grandness that can be found in nature. The paintings are from various continents, from various times. While selecting these paintings I mainly focused on three visual themes. The first being color, the second pattern and finally third perspective.

"Clam Gatherers" depicts four people along a seashore, collecting clams. The perspective of the painting shows the vastness of the ocean.
This landscape shows a sunset in the Yosemite Valley. The perspective of the foreground mountain to the background underlines the large area the sunset effects.
Artist sit on a bench outside city gates as they sketch the travelers passing by. The use of movement implies the what the artists are paying attention to.
This print of Mount Fuji is one of the original 36 views of mount fuji. Though the print does not give depth, it does show scale by use of perspective by placing the clouds below the summit.
A depiction of a mountain ridge. The perspective of the small plant to the mountain behind mirrors from the widened center shown in the painting, gets thinner towards the edges of the painting.
We are shown a man on a cliffside looking off at the distance. The texture of the cliff side shows more detail than the background, giving this piece a more natural look which grabs our attention.
A mountain fortress is depicted and put against a natural fortress of nature. The use of color and perspective in the painting shows the scale of the mountain compared to the much smaller "fortress".
A family on land pulling in the boat they had traveled on. The transition between the blue sky and the green plants is transitioned by grey like blue.
We are shown cattle ranchers rounding up the cattle off in the distance. The use of color on this painting almost completely hides the animals and blends them in with the plants and masks them as tree bark.
A landscape of a river under the moonlight. This "lowlight" painting shows the silhouette of the forest growing by using contrast between black and a lighter shade of brown.
Credits: All media
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