The Beauty Of The Past -Arianna Ferguson 

This gallery represent's Greek god's and goddesses. Eros the greek god of love and fertility also known as cupid. Aphrodite goddess of beauty and lust. Many powerful unique painting's and sculpture's will be presented.

This statue shows Cupid and Aphrodite, love and beauty. playfully threatens her mischievous son with her hand gesture. Texture of this work tends to look smooth and rough. Noticing the lights and darks shows how the texture would feel.
Aphrodite leaning on a pillar, she originally held an offering in her left hand of a dove or offering bowl. The lighting of her body language shows the dark shadows. Texture is a smooth, rippled surface. This statue shape is very dynamic.
The head of Aphrodite late Classical or early Hellenistic sculpture displays a lot of dark and light value. Theirs great detailed texture in her hair which makes it look real. Color has tints of yellow and white.
This clay figurine of Aphrodite has a lot of contrast. Strong darks and lights brings out a lot of fine detailed work. The way her dress reflects from the light source makes it look real!
Statue of Aphrodite and Eros has a lot of detailed carvings and line work. This statue has a hard, rough bumpy surface. Their is many different tints of lights and darks.
Statue of Aphrodite, the color choice is different from the rest of the statues. This gives it a different outlook. The detail in line work makes her dress have a bumpy texture.
Statue of sleeping cupid shows different textures, His body language makes it seem as if he's sleeping. Texture in cupids wings is very precise.
Mars and Venus parents of Cupid, he is a bit startled from the puppy! This painting shows many strong powerful emotions. Theirs a lot of value of darks, this makes the image appear with a strong sense.
Mars with Cupid, Father and Son removing a curtain to the side with a battlefield shown in the background. The color scheme in Mar's outfit brings out the painting with a bright value. Theirs a lot of positive and negative space.
Statue of Cupid representing as the most powerful classical mythology figure. Jupiter placed his thunderbolt at Cupid’s feet, and Mars has surrendered his helmet. The light values of this statue make him look dirty as if he got out of a war.
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