i liked this picture because it uses alot of dark and some bright colors to express how this person feels..
i really liked this picture because it uses bright colors to show she dressses and i really like the colors she uses ..
I like this because a purse and i like the colors its using .. its very bright ..
i really like this one because its color colors like a party colors and it expresses happiness a fun party ...
this looks like a cool place someone could go and chill at and relax stress free where someone could go and think and it looks fun stress free
now this looks really creative instead of it looking boring they make it look pop and noticeable so people could actually pay attention it ...
i love garfetti it makes something pop and not look boring its really intersting .. ;0
i really like this one because it kinda shows how she feels but since she looks kinda sad they try to put bright colors around it so it wont look all sad ..
i like this because she looks happy and it uses bright colors.. and its like a reflection ..
i like this because its like repeation and reflection and uses warm colors ..
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