The Color Black in our darkest days

This gallery is about the horrors of WWII and how dark our past is. All of the pictures chosen for this gallery were instrumental to explaining these dark times in our history, through the dark colors incorporating black.

Blind man, was an ideal painting for this gallery because it captures a moment that shows the horrors of the holocaust through the eyes of a survivor.
This dark photo shows how the prisoners were organized into groups.
Jews Captured by Nazi Troops was chosen specifically because it is a great image depicting the tyrannical rule that the nazi's had over the Jewish people.
This image was chosen because it was a good depiction of the Horrors from being in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.
I chose this picture to show how the masses conformed to committing the horror of mass murder.
This picture was chosen to depict how horrible people could be by contributing to the most horrific slaughters in world history.
I chose this picture because it shows just how gruesome the lifestyle was for people in the concentration camps.
This picture was chosen to show the hate that filled the hearts in Germany during WWII.
I chose this image because it shows how terrible the holocaust was and the impact it had on the families.
This image was chosen to show how the nazi's rounded up the Jewish people to take them to the concentration camps.
This picture was chosen to show how the Jewish people were humiliated and weren't treated like people by the nazi's.
This picture was chosen to show how horrible the holocaust was by murdering people by the masses.
This picture was chosen because it shows that even the children were subjected to the horrors of the mass murderings.
The hidden staircase was a way that people hid from the nazi's, living in attics, crawl spaces and basements.
This powerful image shows just how deprived the people in the concentration camps were. Starving and worn out they were nothing but skin and bones waiting to be executed.
Credits: All media
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