Ten Amendments

Melvin Houston

Basic Freedoms: Congress cannot make laws that violates an Americans freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. From this amendment the people in this picture have the right to believe in a religion they want to.
Right To Bear Arms: Citizens have the right to own and carry weapons for use in state militias. This person is carrying his weapon and has the right to own it because this amendment.
Quartering Of Soldiers: The government cannot force citizens into making them leave their houses for soldiers to stay in without the owners consent. The soldiers in this picture are marching into a town taking over people property and this amendment does not allow it.
Search And Arrest: Officials of the government can't search people or their property unless they see something or have a warrant. No one can search this woman's items to look for things without a warrant.
Rights In Criminal Cases: People accused for a crime cannot be tried twice for the same crime or be made to confess and can't lose property or be put in jail without proper legal action. The person on the left has been accused of a crime and suffered a consequence.
Right To Fair Trial: People accused of a crime have the right to be heard by a fair, public jury and can question witnesses and have a lawyer. In this picture people are in a courthouse and there is a jury and on the left is someone questioning witnesses and explaining what happened.
Rights In Civil Cases: Citizens can demand jury trials to settle things of value. This pictures relates to this amendment because this man is demanding something so they are starting an uprising, like how citizens can demand jury trials.
Bail, Fines, Punishment: Bails and fines set by a court have to be reasonable and punishment for crime cannot be cruel. This person here is receiving a harsh punishment and according to the 8th amendment courts can not set these kind of punishments.
Rights Retained By The People: The government must respect all the rights of Americans even the ones not in the constitution. This picture relates to this amendment because there is a person kneeling down to the queen and greeting her and is paying respect, so the queen must also respect her. This is like how citizens respect the government so they must respect the citizens rights.
State's Rights: The states and the people keep the powers that the constitution does not specifically give to the government. This picture relates to this amendment because the people in it are harvesting crops on land and they were given the power to do this and the government isn't stopping them.
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