what would we do without trees 

The exhibition “What Would we do Without Trees” highlights the importance and significance of trees within our environment. Trees play a significant role in the survival of life on earth and they are heavily relied upon by both mankind and the animal kingdom. Trees allow humans to breathe as they release oxygen into the atmosphere, without trees human would not be able to survive. Additionally, trees play an essential role in the survival of many ecosystems by providing a habitat and food source to a variety of animals. The exhibitions aims to show the beauty and grace of these amazing trees, whilst educating the audience about their importance and how they are key to the survival of our planet.

 The large variety of artworks including sculptures, painting and photographs featured in the exhibition all directly relate through the subject matter of trees. Furthermore the use of browns, oranges, blues and particularly greens are common throughout all of the artworks.

All of the art that has been put into this exhibition relates to each other as each artwork has the tree as its focal point. This shows the trees importance compared to the other objects in the artwork.

In the artwork “unrooted tree” we see that the tree is the main focus of the art and it tells us that trees are living too. The art “building with tree-4” shows that trees are living things and they can be used as a decoration. When we see this exhibition “what would we do without trees” we realise that trees are important as we see that in all of the artwork.

the artwork unrooted Tree shows the structural frame as this artwork has many shapes and angles in this piece.
this artwork building with Tree is post modern art as it is recent art.
This artwork Cherry Blossoms at Daigo-ji Temple show the cultural frame as cherry blossom are cultural to Japan.
this artwork the tree is subjective as this artwork has emotional as it has many colours that make me feel this way.