The art work in this galley is about how the perspective and how it is used in every type of painting. Perspective is an important to some of these art work. That is why i have chosen perspective for most of my project work.

I chosen this picture because of the view seem small dew to perspective.
I like this picture as the perspective is really far out in the view.
What i like about this artwork is how the sun reflects on the river.
What i like about this one is that thought there is not sun it is the landscape of the great Rome banks.
This is about the temple of the sun that is what i enjoy it as the mountain in the back flow with its white top.
As in this one you can see the sky line in the background with it rising on the temple of the sun.
As you may see the sun is not viewed in this but the mountain side has a very nice lighten drawing showing it was a mountain along with trees.
What i really enjoy about this picture is how the sun is reflecting in the view of the lake.
This is the sun mask I really enjoy looking at it as it show really good craft man's ship in the making of the mask.
In this picture we see the sun is setting with the background of picture of the light color to show the sun setting
I feel as if the picture was the center of the world with a sun flower.
The sun is the center of the whole picture with the glow of the sun going everywhere.
This picture is really amazing looking with the sun glow on the white snow.
I love this picture with its color of the sun glowing on the houses.
What i like about this picture is how the indians are worshiping the sun god in the jungle.
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