long walks on the beach

The theme of this exhibit reflects on transition of the sky, from early morning to late evening. Each of these artworks feature the sea and the sky and have been arranged to portray how it gets brighter and darker as the day progresses, hence the name 'Cloudy Skies to Sunny Seas'. The creation of selected works varied from the time periods of 1824-2008. They have  been composed using varying colours, shades/tones, drawing techniques and perspectives. Artists from a range of cultures and ethnics have created the works in this exhibition. Due to the wide range of artists, each artwork is different in its own way; yet, it is reflecting the same thing, the sea and the sky. Similarly, the chosen artworks all depict the sea and its relationship with the sky. The colour of the sky and density of the clouds affect the colour of the sea and the water in many ways. Each individual work conveys a tranquil atmosphere, like at the beach when the waves crash against the sand. The detailed texture and great choice of colours in each work brings it alive and makes it seem realistic, allowing the viewer to feel like they are at the beach or looking out at the sea. The works presented in this exhibit can be categorised under the structural, subjective, cultural or postmodern frames. The gallery would interest art-lovers and people who are fascinated by the art of the sky and its strong bond with the sea. The exhibition is open to all interpretations by people who want to look at it in their own way. 

This work evidences the Structural Frame because it uses specific colour themes and tones to portray a dark sky and sea.
This artwork displays the Postmodern Frame because it is a work based on a historical event that occured in the early 16th Century.
This work demonstrates the Subjective Frame as it displays the artist's interpretation of something. It is an example of an artwork influenced by the sub-conscious mind.
The artwork portrays the image of two women who are dressed conservatively and traditionally; therefore, it is conveying the way that women were expected to dress in the time period. As a result, this image evidences the Cultural Frame (Ideology).
Credits: All media
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