the importance

Moments of emphasis, by Jenna Hussey

The light falls right on the two main subjects in front, emphasizing their actions rather than the darkness behind them.
The flags, particularly the American flag, is emphasizes because it is a brighter color than the rest of the painting. Also, it is in the center of the painting to grab your eye.
The light falls right in the center of the painting which emphasizes the people there, especially because everyone else is looking towards the center, which is where those people are.
The girl is very bright color, which contrasts with the dullness around her and emphasizes her and what she is doing.
Although the entire painting is dim, the building in the background is much darker than the rest of the painting which emphasizes its shape.
Everything in the painting has a particularly simple shape, but the windmill, which is central, has a variety of shape which emphasizes it as the subject.
The light lays on the two people in front of the table which emphasizes them because of its contrast with the darkness surrounding.
The horse and man are much darker than the background, putting them in high importance of the work and giving them more shape and definition.
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