the Human Condition

An interactive interpretation that analyzes the inside of one's head, their brain, prompting one to contemplate how their own thoughts are created.
This collection is a study of the human reaction to a moralistic story. It displays the character and their emotional state as they move through the story line.
This painting,in the Sisyphus collection, reminds me of the emotion dismay or despair over human struggles.
Hope, and a study of self as they delve deeper into their own thoughts. A dive into their own inner abyss.
A state of mind, represented by the shadowy form of an animal.
The human condition as created by war and the violence throughout.
Supposedly poisoned by the world, through the artist's eyes.
A look into conformity and the insecure relationship of an individual with those that surround them and include themselves in their lives and interpretation of their own uniqueness.
This piece makes me think of the fragility of life and the effect that fact has on their actions and interpretation of the world around them.
A change of emotional state, brought upon the character as a unique change in situation and pronounced by the style in which the piece is made: heavy paint, dripping down, vibrant and vast array of colors.
Another reminder to the struggle one goes through, whether in their own minds or otherwise.
Credits: All media
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