Art of the Ancients

This gallery starts with the art of Ancient Sumer. Then progresses to other ancient cultures. Sumer is the first in the gallery because Sumer is the oldest known civilization. It was located in the southern part of Mesopotamia. Sumer sat between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This area is now known as southern Iraq. Sumer existed as early as 4500 B.C. The earliest traces of art are found in Sumer and northern Mesopotamia.  The earliest painted pottery was found in this area. These ancient pieces of pottery have helped archaeologist trace the migration of specific tribes out of Mesopotamia. This gives everyone a greater idea about where certain people migrated to and when this migration happened. Without the artwork in this gallery, we might not have such a clear picture of where everyone that exists today came from. I believe that makes this most ancient of art incredably special. It is not only art, it is history. 

Credits: All media
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