the way in which written material is arranged and prepared for printing. 

The word "PLEA" is wraped up with purple carrier. This is so modern and artificial style. We recognize this picture vividly
long line by 'T' character to express boarder image. And overall font is clear. T is something like a stick which the man holds. Red and black colors contrast
dark brown color and twisted shape of the letter express the meaning of this, "burn".
This is the cute and comic character expressed by curved line. "O" in the word is substituted by heart shape, ♥. In addition, the red color among the blue captures our eyes.
this character style indicates dynamic and dramatic feeling of "yes". this makes us emancipate from negative and stuffy things
In this picture, "VANDAL" as a typography is used. The meaning of that word is the someone who deliberately damages things, especially public property. This appears at last scene, which has impact.
"MULLER" means a someone who heat up the alcohol. Text and image are closely related, and the text is between "the alcohol" image and "the man" image
The red color and rough stroke show the strong declaration. Also, exclamation mark reinforces the meaning of the text. Boris is the producer of this art
A piece of writing on the white paper is impressive in contrast to the gloomy surrounding. The man who holds the paper is near the corner. That corner may mean the end of one task.
The word "strike" faces upper right side. This is not a horizontally set type. This challenging type and the image of fist is likely to break up the something
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