If I were a Eye Dog Gallery

Here is some art I came across in Google as i saw it, by me as a seeing eye dog. I never looked at so much art at one time, so I picked what could possibly draw non-a.d.d. people into my world. j.b.over-an-out

so much to digest
hits me like, headless man flipping a dancer over only making it half way frozen in time. lost in the dance. hum... how intellectually depressing that is.
wish i knew the story, this is two different women. the one on the left looking ** and is younger with more what hits me as a high dollar hair do, maybe a hooker. the other seems hysteria has raised its ugly head and left her behind. A Catholic hinder only gynecologist could cure at the turn of the century. Picture perfect for the era. .
with nowhere left to go the circus raised a few tents in the lawn, the head blades of grass called a meeting at sundown. what?
this hit me as cows. then it seemed to be slaughtered cows in a pond of blood, the demon cloud watching.
i really like this guys work, never seen it before. so much to digest with this like the other one. there is so many micro close things and far away things and then the what most see.
this is like a face safari. almost all of this has faces done in or on everything.
not sure how i got here, if i was ever really there... though it seems so familiar.
Very cool, its like the artist was doing a thousand people going somewhere an said blah drew a cat then a painting of the painting and a self portrait on the wall.
this is different
could you imagine, brightly feathered to impress your love on a fast horse, a human being in the world
what makes this for me is four horses in the sky about to ignite a ring of fire. well..... not sure but it sounds good.
Death opium an gin together my friend cheats the pain.
unique way of bringing out skin tones, aura if you please.
wow, wow, wow,1854. I cant get regular photos clearer that this painting.but wait there's more! this is another face and figure safari, have fun. after about five looks, you might get half of them. there's a rabbit, just kidding a.d.d. flare time for my med. i'm out
waterfall at a glance, get past the big human image and welcome to the zoo, but wait there is more. horses everywhere.
big red barn, i mean earth dragon
it almost looked aquatic an so i took a closer look. it was a little fish'e at a glance thinking maybe it how it started but then the sunset begins life here or the path is lined with souls though the petrified dragon makes you stop here if you were not sure.
dragon taking flight from the water, maybe the shadow of his friend flying bye
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