6 characteristics of human nature

This art gallery explains the 6 characteristics of human nature: emotion, rebellion, chaos, hard times, work for what we want, and self-image.

This picture represents human nature because humans feel as if they are dying on the inside but put on a pretty face to hide it. Similar to the flowers in the picture where the bottom ones are wilted.
This painting represents the rebellious side of human nature. There is clearly a "no swimming" sign but the boys swim anyway. Every human has the tendency to rebel sometime or another.
This painting represents the chaos in the world. Human nature fights for what they believe in causing disagreement and chaos to enter the world.
This shows poverty in the world which many humans face. The artist uses flowers to show the girl's innocence. He also portrays great emotion through the faces of this small family.
This painting shows a man working on a farm which relates to human nature because we have to work for things we want even if it is simple job, it is still labor.
This painting represents the saying, actions are a reflection of your personality. Human Nature is filled with wanting good reputations and would want to see a good reflection when looking in a mirror
Credits: All media
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