Singh's Exhibition

Welcome to Shubamdeep Singh's Exhibition. In this exhibition, we will be focusing on Leonardo De Vinci and his style of work on pen and ink. All of the works in this exhibition are "pen on ink on paper." The time frame for the all the works would be from 1470 - 1595.

Pen and Ink on paper. Leonardo's main focus in this piece of art is the face of Leda glancing down. He also focuses on the hair part. He makes it seem like the person belongs to a higher class than normal people.
Pen and Ink on paper. Leonardo has this techniques to where he goes into a lot of detail. In this work, every single element of Apostle has the details it needs. Some places that have a lot of details would be the beard and the face. Rest of the body is sort of faded. The face seems to be the main focus.
Pen and Ink on paper. Leonardo draws the anatomy of a human but just focusing on the shoulder and neck as those two things are essential to the body. Leonardo also draws them out for different angle viewing so one has a clearer image of what's being shown.
Pen and Ink on paper. Leonardo puts focus on the horse rather than the person on the horse. The horse has a bigger size than the summer but the human isn't given as much detail as the horse.
Pen and Ink on paper. Leonardo draws faces on different corners of the paper but each face has a different quality to it. Each of the face is either looking to the right but there is an one that's being implemented as well. On the top, there are two eyes and a half complete structure of the nose. Leonardo put a bigger face and add small different ones in the big picture which would be the incomplete face on the top.
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