One side of the sculpture looks bigger than the other the arm looks longer than other but still fits together and shows proportion with it because one side still compares with it.
Pattern goes with this object because all around it shows the same pattern and that's how pattern goes with objects they want to show the same object and let you they meant to do that.
This sculpture shows alot of waves and circles because this shows a rhythm it combines with and shows that there is movement in it follows the waves all around it which can combine with it.
The sculpture is harder to see due to the distance the picture was taken but this shows variety because all the objects fit all together the objects are all different but somehow and still fit.
It shows a 2-dimensional on this person because its face shows only a half of it and it's face shows width & length and also shows area around the face it shows it when you see it.
The picture isn't lines but the flowers or leafs are like lines and they go up and down and make different shapes but still end up following each other like lines do to make all kinds of shapes.
This sculpture from a distance is equal from a visual distance its balance because you can see the outline of it and looks pretty equal to the other side it has the same equal weight.
The sculpture can show many elements but i choose space because everything around it shows all darkness and nothings else which is space and the inside of the object has space from that around of it.
This shows a lot of movement just by looking at it this sculpture is doing something with his hands trying to move you can see it the closer you see it.
This doesn't show a lot of light reflecting of the object but shows some the dark of reflects from it has the darkness shown your eyes wont to see the reflect from it
This picture looks like it was taken back in the past and how no color which shows a lot of natural color and that also shows white color some faces look shiny due to that its that sun that refelcts
The face show a 3 dimensional because the face is turned to his left and it can show the other side of his face shows both side witch is a 3 dimensional
the picture shows a lot of value the closer you see the picture in the middle its a lot darker & when you move your eyes away from the middle it gets lighter.
it's harmony it's a building that has many different elements on it you're eyes brings that attention from a distance you can tell that's there is many different shapes but still combine together.
By looking at this scuputre its easy to tell that texture of it is very odd & that its looks rough from a distance your visual can see that it's a very bumpy face
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