blue shades

My exhibition is 'Blue Shades'. It is inspired by a colourless, transparent and odourless liquid known as water.

This exhibition highly captivates the theme and meaning of each artwork as it incorporates features of water through different mediums of art. The reason why I chose water as my theme for my exhibition is because I am an ocean-addict and I am uncontrollably drawn to water. I love swimming and enjoy it as it makes me feel free and keeps me fit. In this exhibition, I have selected 15 different artworks that use a range of materials that all highly compliments each artwork and all have incorporate water as the main theme. An example of one artwork is ‘Foliated Basin with Design of Fish and Water', by Jing-de-zhen. This artwork particularly embraces the theme of my exhibition with captivating details of embossed and engraved patterns. Another artwork I have selected is ‘Installation of the Water Journey’, by Jordi Fornies. This water tank project embraces my theme of water, as it expresses the how water is a vital element and basis of our lines.

To conclude, I would like to personally thank my sponsors; ArtJob and ARTcrzy! You guys have been a big part of my journey in creating Blue Shades. I appreciate all your efforts and help. I look forward to working again with you in the future.  – Rephania A. 

Structural Frame
Cultural Frame
Subjective Frame
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