Elements of Art: LINES

A gallery of artwork that utilizes the important element of art, lines.

Rigid, bold, and chaotic lines that gives creates a mood of insanity.
Simple black lines that outline the suggested shapes of people.
Bolder lines in the foreground with thinner, distant, lines in the background. As well as receding lines on the side to help give a sense of distance and depth.
Wavy lines giving the feel of movement. The wavy lines are also outlined in white to give contrast.
Simple, flat lines. They're simplicity and placement help create a sense of depth and suggest shapes. Such as a house and a person.
Contour lines and an outline with shading present a bolder more definite picture.
Lines as seen most simply, in calligraphy.
Simple lines used with other elements of art present a beautiful piece, with both depth and emotion.
Another piece utilizing a simplistic outline suggesting shapes.
Wavy lines that bring emotion and feeling.
Credits: All media
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