The varying textures in the world

A gallery of paintings with interesting uses of texture.

The Tower of Babel is impressive on its own, but the attention and detail to the different sections of the tower are amazing.
The softness of the rose petals and the smoothness of the poppies is so clear in this painting, as if you could actually feel them without touching.
The foreground in this painting really comes alive and you can see how the villagers have treaded and pulled up the dirt around their roads.
I enjoyed the odd look of the animals that Rousseau used, and the forest behind them is full of life and little attention to details such as the owl really help.
A textbook drawing of a rabbit in a photorealistic style, the fur almost makes this drawing look like a photo.
The stones and caves in this photo all have the gritty earthy look to them that all rocks have, and the different uses of color and the small people really make this subject look impressive.
Vincent Van Gogh was an excellent painter when it came to color and style, and his wavy lines all follow the same pattern but the different colors really help the different areas stand apart.
Each area has an obvious and large brushstroke all over, and the overall effect is nice, giving the different parts a good looking texture.
The hair and the skin of the people is soft and breathing, the sea is foaming and full of waves, and the forest is brought to life by color, all the textures look realistic yet unique.
The fact that this is more like a pixel sprite than a painting means the differing textures between everything is even more impressive.
The shadowy texture given to the painting surrounding the subject is subtle enough to really blend well with all the different elements.
Almost looks like a photo in the small view, and yet still has the beautiful strokes and texture of a painting.
Amazing painting of the waves and wrinkles on the dress, similar to the statues of Greek and Rome culture.
Big landscape shot with a nice looking rainbow and rocky mountains where each individual rock is clearly defined.
Even the tree in the background has a nice texture to its trunk, and the icy river looks slick and dry.