The Rock and the River

This gallery displays images that represent ideas from the book The Rock and the River by Kekla Magoon. It's 1968 and Sam is caught between his father's nonviolent activism aligned with Dr. Martin Luther King, and his brother's commitment to equality by "any means necessary" as a member of the Black Panthers. How will Sam choose what is right, in this very intense time? 

Sam's dad was a civil rights activiist who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King. He preached nonviolence in his work to create equal rights for all people.
People were not treated equally. Sam knew the work his dad was doing was important to create change. However, his brother had a different approach.
Sam discovers that his brother Stick is involved with the Black Panthers. They believed that people should take action to be recognized and treated equally.Sam's father was upset with Stick's involvement with this violent group.
Sam's brother, a member of the Black Panthers, shares the positive things that he supports for his community, through his involvement. The Black Panthers sponsored breakfast for neighborhood children in need.
Black Panthers believed that you should use any means necessary to be treated equally. How could Sam decide who was right, when the people in his family couldn't agree?
This is a famous speech by Dr. Martin Luther King.
Sam isn't sure what to believe. He wants to believe that change can be made by the nonviolent means of Dr. King, but also sees how difficult it is for everyone he knows. Things are not moving fast enough.
With the death of Dr.King, what choices will Sam make? What will happen to his family? Read The Rock and the River by Kekla Moon.
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