Touch of Kenyan Oil - James Anderson

This Gallery is an example of acrylic paintings from Kenya. Kenya is going through the process of increasing it's art awareness, and I felt as though these paintings were beautiful enough to display. 

This painting is brings the bright, lush green landscape that surrounds the dark brown skin of the coffee farmer and his yellow orange solid shirt.
A woman in a dusk orange sundress stands beneath a dried old, black trees watching the dusk fade into night. She almost fades with the dusk herself except for the bright, leaf green umbrella.
A flush white newspaper displays the breaking story in bolded dark red. The dark forest green transitions with the grey white wrinkles of his shirt. The rising sun adds light/shade effects to skin.
A roaming bull elephant blends with the blue grey sky. The sun reflects off it ivory white tusks to make it's colorful like a bird. The bull must've rolled around in the mud to cool itself as the dried mud brown is coated on its side.
A paint portrait of a woman struggling to accept daily life while surround by worthless, yet golden pottery. The loose clothing dangles off her skin as fights the heat by adjusting herself, as the shade brings comfort.
Women gather water using the candy colored pots and buckets. Their darker brown skin shakes of the burnt orange ground underneath as they work tirelessly underneath the fading blue sky.
A great deal of shading using darker oil based colors to show the back of a woman looking outward onto her gleaming display of kitchenware.
A scene of a local woman doing her daily rituals brought out in vibrant oils. The ragged ground and landscape contradict the smoothness added to the women and their clothing.
A constellation of colors line up the oily canvas like a scarf coiling around the neck of person. The constant pattern repeating itself shows the the artist constantly aware what bright colors they on canvas in contrast to the dark background.
The blips of a starry, darkened blue sky looking over a snow covered valley, as well as a bright blue hilltop. The bright yellow points show how close you truly are to touching starlight as white faded lights show how far you have to go.
Credits: All media
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