Art are not art that is the question

This gallery is a collection of abstract art going against the tradianal style preceived as art or great works of art

This is an artwork done by Frantisek Foltyn. The artwork is very non-naturalistic. The viewer can not depict what the artwork actually is or trying to be.
At first glace you see what seems to be like a building of some sort but the artist named this painting "Pots and pear", but the pots and the pear are not seen in it's everyday form. With lack of color and form.
We are looking at what seems to be a rock on top of a persons head, but again the non-naturalist forms gives the viewer multiple perspectives on conceptions.
This is another abstract artwork done by Luis Nishizawa. which seems to be a seashell of some sort, but the p[lain background and lack of color makes the viewer wonder what else might it be.
This appears to be totem poles that is seen in Indian art but at second glace it appears to be people having a conversation. The lighter background and dark figures bring your eyes directly to them.
Another artwork by Luis Nishizawa what looks like at bird of some sort can also appear to be a marble to some. The artist made the figure in this really curvy form on purpose.
The artist used unimplied lines to make the viewers eyes wonder. The picture is called Two women in a Moonlight landsacpe, but its hard to see the women with the unnatrualistic forms of the figures seen.
What looks like an old 70's shirt to some may seem like city to others. the artist is going against the traditional perspective of what art should be.
Rot in Spitzform a=can be seen as a face but the geometric style and use of geometry makes use think what can this figure be.
This artist looked like he/she just through paint on a canvas and called it art, but it has this home away from home feeling. almost like a dream, a relaxing sensation and the bright vibrant colors gives use just that.
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