Renaissance works of art


The texture of the painting was what grabbed my attention because they were what brought this painting to life. This painting showed perspective and the colors responded to light.
In this painting, Leonardo da Vinci painted this woman's face to look like porcelain. It was not the woman that grabbed my attention, it was the fact that it looks like it's supposed to be a portrait, yet there is nature in the background.
The detail of the painting was what grabbed my attention because the main focal point, for me, was all the center of the fight. The water in the background draws more attention to the fight which makes it a very valuable part of the painting.
This artwork is very detailed. The focal point is all of the people that look as if they are jumping into a lake. Above the people are cardinals, or some sort of royalty. The texture and variety of colors is what brought my attention to this painting. It was also how there are so many places that are focused on such as the people and the royalty.
Credits: All media
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