Gideon Greene

Oscar Bluemner Circa 1896 I like this photo because it is made out of water color and crayon on paper. I like this a lot because it reminds me of a place I went up north when i was younger and a place like this is graphed in my head everyday.

The tower was formed in 1996 by Verner Panton. The tower was formed of 49 coloured rings and large swiss swatch watch at the centre. There was a competition to make art of out rings and the art clock tower won made out of galvanised iron and is now on display at the olympic park
Bell Krater mixing bowl was created in about 470 bc by the pan painter. The death of Aktaion is on the front of the bowl. Aktaion was a hunter who witnessed Artemis, goddess of the hunt, bathing with her nymphs. Diana punished Aktaion by turning him into a stag so his own dogs tore him to pieces. Artemis drawing her bow and Aktaion sinking beneath the onslaught of the hounds- is one of the greatest surviving Athenian vase paintings. The pan painter was known for doing art on vases pans etc.
This was made by Vicent Van Gogh and is in the van Gogh museum. Van Gogh was inspired to make this after he arrived in Arles in the south of France and Paris he was inpired by the vast landscape. He made a sketch of this landscape in a letter to his brother Theo on the date of 12 May 1888. I like this photo because places like this run through my head aswell I don't believe this is what the place actually looked like but its a picture of what he would like it to look like and thats how this place inspired him
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