My gallery about the use of color

The use of color in this art piece caught my eye. The colors on the grass and in the sky maid me fell in the scene
The bright colors on this doll back ground caught my eye. By moving from bright color to bright color I could detect the scene composition.
What attracted me to this piece was the variety of colors dispelled all over it.
In the piece the colors helped me understand the mood that the scene is in. The colors make me feel like something wrong is going on.
The disarray of colors and shapes attracted me to this piece. The shapes within shapes and colors within colors made me choose it.
In this scene i was drowned to the yellow flowers. In this dark red piece the yellow color creates little pieces of light.
In this piece I love the warm red,orange and yellow colors.The smooth transition between them give the image a realistic feel of sunset.
In this piece I was attracted to the surreal use of color used on the gourd and sky.
In the piece i loved the use of color in the sky.It gives the scene a feeling of sunrise.I also noticed the artist color representation for war color on the horse.
The red woman on the black background attracted me to this piece.The red color makes the woman look strong like she is fighting to get out of the darkness.
The atmosphere that the colors create drowned me to this picture.The colors make me feel calm like a vexation day in the mountains.
In this piece i loved the use of the white color.The big chucks of white on the blue water give the rocks a sense of greatness like something that can stand through anything.
In this picture I took noticed to the bright pink spots the are scattered in the scene.
In this picture i was drowned to the red frames around the characters. The red color highlight the characters and differ them from the background.
In this image I was attracted to the variety of the colors.
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